Building A Future for Peacham’s Past


The new Lorna Field Quimby Archives and Research Center was opened at a ribbon cutting ceremony on June 14, 2015 with nearly 100 people joining the celebration.  Senator Jane Kitchel offered remarks about the interconnected histories of Peacham and Danville, and of her personal history with family from both towns. Select Board member Annette Lorraine drew inspiration from Wendell Berry’s writing about a sense of place and the importance  local history plays in establishing that sense. After offering thanks to all who had worked to make the new building possible, Lorna Quimby cut the ribbon and the building was declared open.

The new Archive and Research Center is designed to house PHA’s priceless collections. The new facility will provide secure, climate-controlled storage for the collections, desks for researchers, and adequate space for volunteer staff.

The Archives and Research Center is open to the public June-September, on Mondays from 10-12.


Peacham, Vermont Historical Association board
Left to right: John Marshall, Johanna Branson, Jutta Scott, Rusty Barber, Lorna Quimby, Jane Kitchel, Annette Lorraine